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Mission Statement

The mission of Milk River, Inc. is to assist each individual served in achieving their highest level of potential in the least restrictive environment possible and to successfully integrate them into the community with maximum levels of independence.

To insure the accomplishment of this mission, Milk River, Inc. will:


1)    Attain for each person habilitation and treatment suited to their needs and make certain that such treatment and habilitation is administered with full respect for the person.


2)   Stress family involvement in the habilitation process, and be committed to the interdisciplinary approach to the provision of services.


3)   Continue to obtain and provide services in compliance with the Accreditation Council Standards and the State Contract with the DD Division.


4)   Continue to identify those who are in need of specified services; establish a plan of action to insure the services are available to those in need.


5)   Continue to search out more work services in our community through Voc Rehab, in order to place individuals in jobs outside the work activity center, enabling them to become more self-sufficient, whether in a part time or full time position.


6)   Continue to achieve and protect the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities and assure that due process of the law is accorded any person receiving these services.